MDM Creative


MDM Creative, Inc. seeks to develop an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship with your growing and successful business.

I have a deep respect for business owners and the knowledge they have of their businesses. Some advertising and marketing firms tend to have predetermined ideas of what businesses need, automatically suggesting knee-jerk advertising solutions before they even understand the problem.

I have a different philosophy, which includes:

There tends to be a lot of arrogance in marketing circles. As in "Don't question us, just do what we say." I take a different approach. I listen. I ask a lot of questions. Then I listen again. I want to understand your business better before I make recommendations. I want to know your viewpoint. You live it day in and day out. You are a vital source of knowledge that can and should be leveraged to increase sales.

Finding the nugget of gold:
We all know the saying "You can't see the forest for the trees." Nowhere is that more true when it comes to attempting to do your own marketing. It's almost impossible to step back from your own business, look at it with a cold eye, find your unique positioning, and fashion it into an effective message. I've spent years helping clients break through their own clutter and find the real source of their uniqueness that will help them realize their sales potential.

Understanding your sales process:
It is amazing the amount of "advertising people" that don't understand the importance of the sales process, or never even ask about it. I ask a lot of questions about your sales process. And I work with my clients to find ways to make it more effective, because a more effective sales process is one of the easiest (and most overlooked) places to increase your bottom line.

Creating marketing strategies that work with sales:
I spent 8 years working with a major regional manufacturer who sold branded products to the toughest wholesale customers around; grocery stores. I learned that if your sales force doesn't understand, buy into and support your marketing strategy, a lot of your consumer marketing budget is probably being wasted. Sometimes traditional "advertising" isn't even what is needed. Often what is needed is more powerful sales material that will motivate and jumpstart the sales force by communicating your story more clearly and professionally to your customers.

Understanding the power of branding:
A lot of people talk about branding. Few know how to really implement a comprehensive program that works. I've been involved with branding programs ranging from local startups to branding campaigns for one of the largest financial institutions in the country. This is one area where you can use the same tactics as the guys that are spending millions on marketing.

Working to the highest professional and ethical standards:
I do my best to treat people in a fair and professional manner. Business relationships are built on trust and I am grateful to the businesses that have put their trust in me. I return that by operating my business in an ethical and trust worthy manner.

MDM Creative, Inc. is a unique Pennsylvania advertising, communications and marketing firm providing businesses with a wide range of capabilities including graphic design, branding & logo creation, ad design, brochure design, sales material development and public relations services. More than just a provider of design & graphics, MDM Creative offers clients the expertise of a large agency combined with the personal attention and value of a smaller firm. We offer a complete range of services, from acting as consultants to designing a complete brand strategy. MDM Creative also offers freelance designer services to larger corporate firms that have agency of record relationships. Award winning designer and company owner Marlin Miller has over 28 years of experience servicing regional & national companies and corporate & small business accounts in a wide variety of industries. Located in Lancaster Pa with convenient access to Philadelphia and Baltimore, MDM Creative now services clients both regionally and nationally.