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About MDM Creative, Inc.

Advertising Pennsylvania
MDM Creative, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Marlin Miller, an advertising and marketing expert with over 2 decades of advertising agency experience. Marlin focuses on businesses who want to take their marketing efforts to the next level. He explains, "I work with growing and successful businesses who realize a need for a more effective and strategic approach to marketing their products and services. In most cases, these businesses have been handling a majority of their advertising and marketing efforts themselves and have grown beyond their ability to handle it internally. They usually describe their marketing efforts as disorganized, unfocused, and lacking in quality. I help them refocus, plan more effectively, and develop a strong brand image."

Getting the most from MDM Creative

MDM Creative located in eastern Pennsylvania is a unique advertising and marketing firm providing graphic design, ad and logo development, branding, brochures, and sales support materials. MDM Creative communications, graphics, and ad public relations services bring the expertise of a large agency while offering personal attention and value to its small client companies and large corporate accounts. After starting working with firms in Philadelphia, and Baltimore, MDM Creative now has clients all over Pa, Maryland and across the United States. MDM Creative is involved as individual company consultants, or as a freelance designer to partner businesses. Contact MDM Creative for help in designing a new brand strategy.